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~Dog Grooming By Appointment Only~

All Kinds Clipped specializes in Dog Grooming Services. Our business strives on past successes and is looking to continue our success with each and every client in the Eden Prairie area. Customer Satisfaction is what we know best and we take pride in every dog that we groom because we understand how much love you have for your dog. Our process is proven to please and the outcome will always be of a positive experience.

All Kinds Clipped has now been honored 7 years in a row being named “Grooming Business of the Year” by the Sun Current Newspaper in Bloomington, and also won this year in Eden Prairie, Brooklyn Park & Crystal!

Dog Grooming Services


During this step we will brush and pre-clip to prepare your dog for a bath. Our process includes a rough cut, so that we can set initial patterns and hair length and dogs that are visiting for baths only we remove dead hair, mats and tangles that interfere with the bathing process. We also trim dogs nails during this step.

Dog Bathing

Dog bathing includes full brushing and shampoo. The shampoo we use is protein bases, aloe and Lanolin which we know is the best type of shampoo for your dog. For dogs with flaky dandruff or dry skin as well as fleas, we can help with special shampoos for each.


This is the step in which the precision comes into play. We ensure that your dog is cut to perfection in this step and we dry your dog 2/3 the way with forced air dry to separate the dead skin and fur and then use fans set to room temperature to dry your dog the rest of the way.


This is the last step in the process where we completely review your dog and ensure complete satisfaction.

Contact us today so we can assist you with all of your dog grooming needs.